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How to choose an SMM specialist

Nowadays many people are thinking about promoting in social networks. And first of all the question arises: “Who will be engaged in social networks?”. There are several decisions:

  1. Hire a specialized agency.
  2. Entrust social networks to the marketer / PR manager / office manager.
  3. Hire a specialist SMM.

How to choose an SMM specialist

The first option we will discuss in one of the following articles. On the second option I will say the following: personally my opinion, this cannot be done. These specialists have to deal with their tasks. And today we’ll talk about the third item – about hiring your regular SMM manager.


So, how to choose an SMM specialist?

I recommend paying attention to such basic criteria:

– Experience. If you are just starting to understand social networks, then you need an expert who already knows everything and understands how to work. Taking a person from scratch does not make any sense to you, since there will be no one to teach him.

– What exactly did he do in SMM. Many community administrators in social networks call themselves SMM specialists. I do not want to offend them, but they are not. Develop your project and earn on selling advertising is not the same as driving a community for a particular company. For good result you need another skills and knowledge.

Arbitrators in this regard are more suitable, although as traffic specialists, rather than full-fledged SMM managers.

  • Specialist, who works not only with one social network. After all, you do not need promotion in VKontakte or in Instagram only, do you?
  • Self-learning. Social networks change very quickly, and the method that yesterday worked is far from the fact that it will work tomorrow. Therefore, it is very important that a person can personally and quickly learn the innovations of social networks.
  • SMM specialist should be aware of trends. This hallmark follows from the previous one. A good SMM specialist should know the industry website, blogs, popular communities in the social networks by SMM, etc. and constantly be aware of what is happening to the market.
  • Case. A good specialist always has at least 2-3 cases (from freelance, previous work in agency or business). And he cannot just show screen shots, but also explain at the expense of what some or other results were obtained.

At the end, I want to note that all these points are not easy to find in one person, so you have to choose according your goals and objectives, what can be neglected from this list, and what is not. However, remember: for a sterling, professional work with social networks one person is not enough, you need at least four – a targetologist, a content specialist, a designer and a project manager, who is an SMM specialist himself.

Therefore, if you decide to present your business on social networks, you better hire an agency for this.

P.S. Oh yes, throw out all these stereotypes about the age and gender of the SMM specialist. They will harm you only. Even if you sell clothes for women of Balzac’s age – it is not a fact that your ideal SMM expert, who will bring success to your business on social networks, will not become a 20-year-old guy. Therefore, take into account age and sex only with other things being equal. Better not take it into account at all.

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