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Brand Tone of voice: every voice will tell about himself

Do you remember we wrote about different channels of brand communication with the audience? We sorted out what it is like to choose, described several species and outlined their goals. If anything, remember or find out here. Today we will also talk about communication with the audience. However, we will talk about how the brand communicates with the audience. Tone of voice is an important part of the communication strategy. Brand tone of voice will help to express the essence of your trademark. If it is selected properly, it will cause sympathy and earn the trust of the target audience. Let’s sort it out in order.

Tone of voice: what is it?

Tone of voice is what your brand says. It expresses the brand values, its philosophy, and attitude to the audience. Initially, it is necessary to determine what speech turns, words will be used when writing messages, the structure of the construction of texts. Large brands always prescribe a tone of voice in the brand book. In addition, they can prescribe in great detail: from the number of words to the letters. However, the best description is the most understandable one. For example, in the Skype brand book, it is written that “We always explain our services in plain language. If your mother did not understand what is written about, then this is not Skype’s tonality.”

Brand Tone of voice: every voice will tell about himself

The Tone of voice helps to speak with the audience in one language. In a language that the audience understands. The description of the key always includes the description of words, expressions, constructions that should be used. The description is based on the skills of its target audience.

Why do I need a Tone of voice?

  • to establish a deeper emotional connection with the target audience
  • to make a more favorable impression on them and to present the brand values
  • to build long-term confidential relations with TA (it is relations that determine the behavior when buying)
  • to stand out among competitors

 How to determine the Tone of voice?

Primarily, you should always remember that the tone of voice is prescribed for communication with the target audience. Do not try to write a key so that you like it. The task of the brand is to be liked by the target audience. Therefore, it is necessary to study thoroughly the audience to which communications will be directed. It will be ideal to communicate with representatives of target audience personally. However, you should consider one very important point: you need to talk not so much about the product as about life. Talk to them about everything – about life, about what they like or vice versa, what’s annoying, what they are interested in, how they spend their time, about their favorite books, films, music and much more.

To speak the language of your audience, you need to learn their language. Find the groups, forums, pages where your TA is concentrated. Study carefully how and what they write, what words, appeals, phrases, speech constructions, slang use (specify words that you do not know from representatives of the target audience). Make notes for yourself about the content and context that interests them. Be on the subject!

 Pay special attention to emotional triggers:

  • What makes them laugh?
  • What does it seem sad to them?
  • What seems touching?
  • What seems scary?
  • What irritates them?
  • What causes pride?
  • What causes empathy?
  • What causes anger?
  • What are they afraid of?
  • Is there an algorithm for how they make decisions?
  • Why did not the others win their attention or loyalty?

Register for yourself the rules of Tone of voice. Make up a list of words and substitutions. There are many ways for you to convey a thought. Make a list of words, designs, appeals, formulations that exactly fit and do not exactly fit your TA. The tone of the brand’s voice is to be observed in all channels through which you communicate with the audience. If you have a fairly large brand, many units, in different cities, countries – be sure to observe a single Tone of voice. It has to be presented in every channel of communication with the audience. Whether it’s the company’s website, customer support, social networks and so on.

Further, if the brand is interested not only at the Russian-speaking audience, be prepared to face a possible translation problem. Do not use a direct translation into a foreign language. Therefore, you can lose the given tonality, and as a result, the foreign audience will perceive you incorrectly. It is better to turn to specialists to recreate accurately the message that needs to be conveyed. Those who read your text in a foreign version will not be able to find out what and how it was actually set out in the original version.

Summing up, we are to underline that the brand is not just your company, logo, slogan, product. This is something more. A certain idea that causes emotions in your target audience and shapes its attitude towards the brand. The brand Tone of voice is to be recognizable, as well as close to its customers. Therefore, to develop your unique, recognizable, memorable tone of voice, you should carefully study the audience. After all, people accept what is close to their lives, perceptions, desires, and needs. Always remember the people. Think about how to fit harmoniously the brand into the lives of consumers. Give people what they want to feel, hear more than anything else. Be honest and natural with them!

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