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Telegram settings. How to pin a Telegram chat/channel

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In this article, I want to talk about the settings of Telegram, which will allow you to use it comfortably. How to get access to the proper Chats/Channel faster and more convenient.

How to pin a Telegram chat/channel at the top?

What is it for? The order of displaying chat/channels in Telegram is based on the time of the last post, that means that at the top the chat/channel, in which the last message was written recently. When you have a lot of different chats and channels, that is true, for sure, therefore it can be very easy to highlight the one you read constantly so as to place your favorite one at the top.   

How to pin the Channel/Chat on the top from the computer?

Step 1. Find the channel or chat you want to pin in the list.

Telegram settings. How to pin a Telegram chat/channel

Step 2. Use the right mouse button to click on this Channel/Chat. Select the “Pin to Top” in the menu that appears.

Telegram settings.

Step 3. Everything is ready and your Channel/Chat is fixed at the top. Now it will be attached from above, no matter when the last message was there.   

How to pin the Channel/Chat at the top by the mobile phone?  

 Step 1. Find the desired channel/chat and swap it in the left side, to open an additional menu.

How to pin a Telegram chat/channel

Step 2. Select the “Attach” menu, that is the leftmost menu item.

How to pin a Telegram chat

Step 3: Done! Your chat is attached from the top.

How to pin a Telegram channel

Step 4. You can unpin the chat/channel in the same way by simply clicking the “Unpin” item.

Each following file “fixed” by you will place at the top of the new feed. For example, that is, to raise the third “fixed” one to the very top, it is to be unfastened first and then fixed again. It is not available to swap the fixed channels/chats (at least for now).

How to pin a message in the Telegram Channel at the top?

In the latest Telegram update (Version 4.5), it became possible to fix the post in the TOP on the Channel.

In order to do this (while only through the mobile) you are to hold your finger on the desired post. When a menu pops up, you should select an “Attach” field.

We talked about how to set up Telegram, to create and use the Channels and the Chats.

In the next article, let’s talk about what those bots in Telegram are and how they can be used to promote Business in Telegram. 

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